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Tan perfecto como puede ser lo naturalTM

Oakville Stone se enorgullece de ofrecer los productos de piedra natural de mayor calidad que la tierra puede ofrecer. Nuestro objetivo constante es ofrecer un nivel de servicio inigualable en el sector de la piedra natural. Nuestro compromiso con la calidad, el servicio y la sostenibilidad nos ha ayudado a convertirnos en el productor y proveedor de piedra importada para paisajismo mejor considerado de Norteamérica.

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¿Busca los últimos productos para su proyecto? ¡Productos de piedra natural de alta calidad disponibles en Oakville Stone! Descargue nuestro Catálogo 2023 a continuación y disponga de información de nuestros productos siempre que lo necesite.

Happy Propietarios, Comerciantes y Contratistas

  • We had our patio done with Oakville Stone’s Midnight Black Granite this past spring, and we are so happy with the outcome. Especially the beautiful step that we now... read more

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    Nadia Sbrocchi Avatar Nadia Sbrocchi

    As the owner of NRX Landscaping, a lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing the right products. Oakville stone has the best looking natural stone products that we’ve come... read more

    Nick Soukhaniouk Avatar Nick Soukhaniouk

    Quality product from Oakville stone! We used Oakville Autumn Brown for our front steps and they turned out beautiful. We’re constantly getting compliments from our neighbours on them. Thanks Oakville... read more

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    Erica M Avatar Erica M
  • Professional company, great people to work with, and excellent quality products. We love how they inventory their products indoors.

    Gene S Avatar Gene S

    Oakville Stone has been great to work with. Extremely professional and I would highly recommend them.

    Mohammed Halabi Avatar Mohammed Halabi

    We had our contractor outside working on our landscaping today.I had already picked a stone from another stone company. Then we went to Beaver Valley, to look for... read more

    Jade 1923 Avatar Jade 1923
  • Our team at Precision Outdoors in Indiana built this space.

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    Kayla Crump Avatar Kayla Crump

    Terrific B2B company. We have been dealing with Oakville Stone for 8+ years. Fantastic service from Rick in Sales; he and the rest of the staff go above and beyond... read more

    Justin Comarin Avatar Justin Comarin

    I have been using this material for quite sometime. We have never had an issue with it and all my customers seem to be very happy. The customer service is... read more

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    Anthony Pasquali Avatar Anthony Pasquali
  • Oakville Stone is a pretty amazing company!!! I was installing an in-ground pool and I needed information about one of their products. I called Oakville Stone and Kevin... read more

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    W. Yamamoto Avatar W. Yamamoto

    I am very happy with the quality and service provided by Oakville Stone. Special thanks to Kevin, who took the time to answers all of our questions and educate us... read more

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    adrian k Avatar adrian k

    Outstanding experience! We invested in a major landscaping project for our ranch bungalow over a 2 year period and chose Oakville Stone for their excellent selection, quality, reputation and... read more

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    Jason Lodder Avatar Jason Lodder
  • We LOVE working with their products! Always accessible, easy to use and beautifully manufactured.

    Milena Randazzo Avatar Milena Randazzo

    We have transformed our front porch and wide walkway steps from worn gray concrete to natural stone and Wow! what a change. We chose the Oakville Midnight Black granite to... read more

    Joe Correia Avatar Joe Correia

    Oakville Stone carries a wide variety of natural stone product's. For my clients, "midnight black granite slabs " was the best fit for this porch restoration. Not one of... read more

    James Seguin Avatar James Seguin
  • As a trusted landscape contractor we use quality products. Oakville stone is our choice when installing natural stone porches, steps, walkways and features.

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    Marshall Ryall Avatar Marshall Ryall

    We chose Oakville Stone because of the variety of products available to complete our project. They have the right colours and service that assisted us with creating a masterpiece! I... read more

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    Rob P Avatar Rob P

    Great product. Great service. I recently used their siberian grey, one of the nicest and cleanest stones ive used. The project came out outstanding. Had a couple chipped pieces and... read more

    Richard Lima Avatar Richard Lima
  • We chose Oakville Stone's Siberian Grey coping for our pool project and steps to the backyard. We wanted the feeling of being at a resort. It looks absolutely... read more

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    Bessy Stergiou Avatar Bessy Stergiou

    TOTAL TRANSFORMATION! We purchased a new home last summer and the entire landscaping was all original pebble stone from the 70's / 80"s. We did a... read more

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    Cory Meisner Avatar Cory Meisner

    As a hardscape professional, we recently found out about Oakville Stone when the Blue Ice product was requested by our client who saw it used in another project on Instagram.... read more

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    Kayla Sipple Avatar Kayla Sipple
  • We live in central Ohio and absolutely love our Oakville blue ice pavers. My goals were low maintenance, looks, and durability. Even in the middle of the summer, the pavers... read more

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    Robert Lee Avatar Robert Lee

    Oakville answered our phone call and immediately took action to find the stone we wanted and get it to us. They followed up and ensured we were happy and... read more

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    Peter Quimby Avatar Peter Quimby

    Excellent experience with Oakville Stone!!! Not only is their stone amazing but the customer service that Kevin Alves provided me was amazing. I recommend Oakville Stone to everyone!

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    talavathil Avatar talavathil
  • For the past several years we have used many different products for our natural stone installations. Oakville Stone has by far the best quality, variety, and fantastic customer service. As... read more

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    4NB Avatar 4NB

    My brother and I have a landscaping business in Ontario (Eclipse Landscapes) and have used Oakville Stone’s products in some of our work. We used the Antique Limestone steps and... read more

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    Alex Lenardon Avatar Alex Lenardon

    The most amazing stones! Super quality and design! The m house stairs are the most unique and the most outstanding because of the Oakville Stones!

    Lia ART Avatar Lia ART
  • We purchased some Oakville Black Limestone steps for our home in Newmarket and we love them! Oakville Stone recommended a sealer which we used and our steps look great.... read more

    Jason Botelho Avatar Jason Botelho

    As a professional in the landscaping industry we rely on products to out preform our expectations. Oakville Stone does that.

    Keith Desjardins Avatar Keith Desjardins

    Oakville Stone is truly an amazing company! The quality of the stone is great and will make your finished project look incredible. Kevin was always more than willing... read more

    Jennifer Yearwood - John Fraser SS (2652) Avatar Jennifer Yearwood - John Fraser SS (2652)