Precision, Longevity, and Dependability – You’ll never use another blade!

Our Oakville Black Edition Diamond blades come in two sizes: 12″ and 14″. The blades are carefully packaged and secured. They are available for purchase through our dealers. Need to locate a dealer with the Oakville Stone Diamond Blades? Send us a message now!

Key Features of Oakville Black Edition Diamond Blade:

  • Manufactured in South Korea.
  • Segments are laser welded and are 0.472” in height which helps ensure a longer life span. The width of our blade is .125”  (1/8”).
  • High-quality titanium-coated diamonds are used to manufacture our segments giving them optimal strength.
  • Air-cooled core structure prevents the blade from overheating – holes in the core of our blades promote cooling when sawing (especially dry), although we do recommend always using water if possible.
  • Our blade can be used both wet and dry.
  • Our blade is designed to cut hard materials such as our Indian quartzitic sandstones, granite, dolomite limestone, and marble, but it can also be used on concrete pavers and masonry brick and blocks.
  • A key feature is the specialized diamond arrangement technology that our manufacturer in Korea uses to strategically place each diamond particle throughout each segment to outperform competitive blades.  This technology provides both better cutting speed and a longer life span on our blades.
  • Our blade fits Stihl and most handheld saws. The arbor is 20mm with a “knock-out” to 25mm if required.
  • We inventory both 14” and 12” blades.

Happy Dealers with our Oakville Stone Black Edition Diamond Blades