5 Ways You’re helping the Earth by using Oakville Stone

Did you know that using Oakville Stone can be good for the environment?

Here 5 ways you are doing more good for the Earth than you think by using our Oakville Stone products in your landscaping projects.

  1. Staying Eco-Friendly: Oakville Stone is all natural and an environmentally-friendly product. It is a natural resource which is harvested sustainably and without the need for heavy mechanization and major energy input costs. When you use our natural stone, you are reducing pollution and energy consumption as your material does not require any heat or chemicals in its manufacturing process.
  2. Reducing Carbon footprint: Natural stone has a lower carbon footprint than synthetic materials due to minimal processing and energy-intensive manufacturing. Opting for natural stone can reduce carbon emissions in construction.
  3. Increased Durability and Reducing Wastage: By using natural stone you are reducing the need for constant renovation because a natural stone patio, walkway etc can live for 100s of years. You will also significantly reduce the amount of waste.
  4. Conserving Water: Natural stone like granite and limestone allow rainwater to percolate into the ground. This drainage helps reduce stormwater runoff, soil erosion, and replenish groundwater reserves, promoting sustainable water management and benefiting local ecosystems.
  5. Creating Beautiful Landscapes: Natural Stone is a versatile material that comes in all shapes and sizes allowing you to create aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Use Oakville Stone’s products in your projects so you can make any outdoor space stand out, and appear more inviting.